Singer Lady Gaga on Monday appeared on ABC's The View, where she cheered passage of gay marriage in New York.

When Elisabeth Hasselbeck brought up the topic, Lady Gaga, 25, let out a loud cheer.

“How did you celebrate?” Hasselbeck asked.

“Well, I was in Tokyo,” Lady Gaga explained. “I was getting ready to do this performance for MTV Aid Japan to help raise money for the relief. So, I was there and actually my yoga instructor Tricia [Donegan], who is from New York, who teaches on the lower east side here, she's a lesbian and she's been living with her partner for years and they have a baby girl, Lula, who is so adorable. I got the news – via Twitter, of course – I looked over at her and I said, 'You're gonna get married baby.' And she just fell onto the floor and started crying. And she just started saying, 'I'm going to make my kid legit.'”

“It was just so cool,” she added.

She went on to perform her new single You and I.

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