Heath Ledger died this week at 28 of a possible overdose. The news shocked and alarmed everyone. Ledger was a hero to the gay community. Not because he played a gay character in a movie, but because he played a gay character in a movie and never let anyone tell him it was beneath him. In fact, Ledger maintained it was the only real love story he had ever filmed. He was a friend we will sadly miss.

I'm going to knock-off your barber, take his place, and give you a slick George Clooney cut and shave or whack-off the top and give you a mullet-head. Keep reading to find out which.

The race to the White House continues to heat-up. Neither party can claim a clear front-runner. In this winter without scripted televisions shows people are more interested than ever in the race. Still, the Democratic South Carolina debates went a bit too far in regards to personal attacks. Did you catch this moment: Clinton attacks Obama on his flip position supporting Republican ideas, Obama counters by flipping on this position via a clarification, his podium begins to hover and he enters the satellite coordinates landing him 5 feet away from Clinton and says, “...I objected to the Republican agenda because while I was working on those streets watching those folks see their jobs shipped overseas you were a corporate lawyer sitting on the board of Wallmart.” Clinton continues her attack with more examples of how Obama had been impressed with the Republicans, especially former president Ronald Regan. “You talked about Ronald Reagan being a transformative political leader, I did not mention his name,” She counters. “You husband did... I can't tell whom I'm running against sometimes,” Obama snaps back. Clinton enters new GPS coordinates, pedal to the metal her podium lifts and lunges to within an inch of her opponent, “Hold-up, Oh-bama,” she finally says as podiums collide, “Save the drama for your mama!” Obama slowly recoils, Clinton hovers back into place. That's how it went down, right?

It was revealed this week that pictures of high school water polo athletes had appeared on some gay porn websites. It's called a consent form, look into it.

On January 1, 2008 New Hampshire's civil union law went into effect amid champagne toasts. Only a few days later New Hampshire held its presidential primaries. Yet there was silence on the issue of gay marriage from major candidates. So far the 2008 presidential race has failed to impress gay activists.

Here's a picture of Dame Edna stretched-out on the front lawn and naked!

In the column marked Oh-oh, Better Get Maaco, we have:Britney Spears driving with a suspended license, Amy Winehouse admitted to a drug rehab facility, and Detroit's mayor Kwame Kilpatrick revealed to have sent steamy text messages to top aide.

How do you reach young gay men hooking-up online with a safe-sex message? The answer, according to LA's Gay & Lesbian Center is: Online! Mama said them be smart folks in California.

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