Chris Barron, the chairman of gay GOP group GOProud, has denied his group has been booted from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

GOProud's co-sponsorship at last year's February conference prompted a boycott of the event by social conservatives opposed to gay rights.

In several media interviews, Barron attacked the boycotters, saying they were motivated not by policy disagreements but rather animus toward gay and lesbian people, and called Cleta Mitchell, a prominent Republican lawyer and a board member of the American Conservative Union (ACU), which annually organizes the event, a “nasty bigot.”

The comment put the group in hot water with incoming ACU Chairman Al Cardenas.

World Net Daily reported on Friday that Cardenas had informed the group that it would not be welcome at this year's conference.

“We have received no notification from ACU,” Barron said in statement. “An ACU board member told me this afternoon that they were unaware of such a decision and that to the best of his knowledge no decision had been made. I certainly hope that is true. The last thing the conservative movement needs right now is a [sic] unnecessary, ugly and divisive fight. The stakes in 2012 are too great. GOProud's number one goal is defeating Barack Obama. That should be the goal of every conservative organization.”

The group created headlines earlier this year when real estate mogul Donald Trump accepted a last-minute invitation from GOProud to address the crowd on the convention's opening day. For several months, Trump continued to flirt with the idea of running for president as a Republican. He ultimately decided to take a pass, but not before saying he opposed all forms of legal recognition for gay and lesbian couples.

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