Gay activist Dan Savage has threatened Rick Santorum with a second name redefinition.

The man behind the It Gets Better Project in 2003 saddled the presidential candidate with a new definition of “santorum” after then-Senator Santorum likened gay unions to “man on dog.” The new definition links Santorum to anal sex, and nearly eight years later it continues to rank high on Google's search results.

In a Funny or Die video, Savage, who is ironically wearing a Liberty University t-shirt, warns Santorum to “behave” or he'll redefine his first name, as well.

“I tell you what,” Savage, a sex advice columnist, says. “I won't redefine Rick, if you don't attack gay people during your campaign.”

Savage goes on to run the new definition past a few other Ricks.

“I know you are having a lot of trouble raising money for your campaign. But please don't ruin the name Rick. It affects all of us. Even us lady Ricks,” actress and talk show host Ricki Lake pleads.

“I know my name isn't Rick,” comedian Andy Richter says, “but the new definition is so disgusting that even just having the sound 'rick' in the first half of my last name is scary.”

“So the ball is in your court, Richard John Santorum. Leave us gays alone, or I change the definition of Rick,” Savage adds. “And its not like you can start going by Dick Santorum, is it?” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)