In The Moment is a 12 episode video series which follows the lives of five young gay men living in West Hollywood, California. The men are tan, hot, and sexually active in a city where HIV/AIDS has taken its toll.

In episode one, titled So Many Choices, we are introduced to the cast as they celebrate a birthday party: A young bi-racial couple in their 30's Stephen and Michael, Adam the new arrival to the city in apartment 2B, Edgar the obligatory party boy, and shy Shaun Thomas. Edgar passes-out on the front lawn after a hard night of drinking and sexing, Adam spends his nights online in search of anonymous sex, and Stephen and Michael have unprotected sex.

The video series is only one component of In The Moment, a campaign that seeks to use new media to reach young gay men most at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS online.

In The Moment's dialog begins as the video ends and the viewer is asked to participate in an online forum. So Many Choices asks if Shaun Thomas should be worried about Edgar's partying, does Adam spend too much time online, and should couples have unprotected sex?

The online education & prevention campaign is the brainchild of co-creators Dave O'Brien and Alton Carswell of the L.A Gay & Lesbian Center. Carswell explained that he found himself frustrated with traditional programs which proved ineffective at reaching a growing online community of gay men. β€œIn The Moment is assisting us to meet guys where they are at,” Carswell wrote in an email to On Top Magazine.

The campaign was conceived with co-creator, director, writer Dave O'Brien, β€œ...we created a multi-pronged approach to address concerns in our community around drug and alcohol abuse, relationships, and internet addition. This multi-pronged approach encompasses viral marketing, video, and chat to create an open and honest discussion in our community,” Carswell wrote.

Carswell went on to explain that the pair were also inspired by Pedro Zamora's impact in advancing an open HIV/AIDS dialog with a young audience by personalizing the disease. Zamora, who appeared on MTV's Real World San Francisco, died of HIV/AIDS complications at age 22 in 1994.

In The Moment arrives at a time when HIV/AIDS is a growing concern for young men under the age of 30. A recent report by the city of New York showed that the number of new HIV diagnoses among gay men under 30 has increased each year since 2001.

The first webisode, So Many Choices, can be viewed at