Stephen Bennett, the founder of the “ex-gay” ministry Stephen Bennett Ministries, told Joy Behar on Tuesday's edition of cabler HLN's Joy Behar Show that she just met a former gay man.

On the episode, Stephen Bennett appeared with his wife of 18 years, Irene.

He told Behar that a drunken “fling” with another man at the age of 18 caused him to drop out of art school.

“And for the next 11 years, dropped out of art school. I figured I'm gay. This is who I must be. Went into a very bad depression. Just hated who I was. Bulimic, alcoholic, cocaine dealer in Connecticut. All of this crap. And I nearly died from a cocaine overdose one night back in '87. My life was just so screwed up. I went to a drug rehab, got drugs, alcohol, bulimia taken care of. But I still had this secret which I was gay,” Mr. Bennett said.

The Bennetts also told Behar that they oppose the vilification of gay people.

“No one chooses to be homosexual,” Stephen Bennett said. “We have nothing against gay people.”

“We support homosexuals who choose to change,” Irene Bennett added.

Stephen Bennett, however, has previously said that he “always knew it was wrong” to be gay, and he's used the narrative of seeking the love of his distant and drunken father to explain his attractions to men.

Near the end of the segment, Stephen Bennett told Behar: “You'll never meet a former Black man, but you met a former homosexual today.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)