Speaking on his AFA-hosted radio show, Bryan Fischer claimed on Friday that the “ex-gay” views of Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and her husband, Marcus, are supported by the Bible, RightWingWatch.org reported.

The Bachmanns' Christian counseling clinic has been accused of attempting to turn gay people straight through the use of prayer. A claim Marcus Bachmann has denied.

Fischer said so-called “reparative” therapy is endorsed by God.

“The Bible teaches that a change in sexual orientation is possible,” Fischer said. “This is a Biblical principle. It is a Biblical proclamation. It is a Biblical assertion. And Marcus Bachmann and his wife Michele Bachmann believe that.”

He went on to claim that the Bachmann's are victims of a hate crime.

“They have been the victims of religious discrimination. They've been the victims of religious bigotry. Of bigotry and discrimination and hatred that is directed against them because of their religious beliefs. In other words, this is bordering on a hate crime.”

“You could also make the point that this bigotry against the Bachmanns is based on their sexual orientation. They have a heterosexual orientation and pro-homosexual bigots are trying to discriminate against them. They're trying to threaten them. They're trying to harass them because of their normal sexual orientation,” he added. (The audio is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

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