On Wednesday's edition of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, comedian Jerry Seinfeld intervened to help host Jon Stewart resist cheap Marcus Bachmann gay jokes.

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann's husband has been under fire for allegations his Christian counseling centers attempt to “cure” gay people.

After viewing footage of the Bachmanns dancing at a fundraiser, Stewart says: “Is he teaching people not to be gay, or is he like the Green Mile guy just absorbing it all.”

“No, I'm not going there. Don't go there, Jon. Even though you're feeling a deep desire to comically exploit the fact that this man is an Izod shirt away from being the gay character on Modern Family,” he tells himself as gay dad Cameron from the show Modern Family gayly dances about. “Don't do that, Jon.”

“It's going to be OK, Jon,” Seinfeld says as he walks onto the Daily Show set.

“It's my comedy repression therapist,” Stewart announces.

Seinfeld counsels Stewart not to ridicule, saying: “Comedy is a choice. You weren't born this way. You can resist. You must resist it.”

But even Seinfeld can't resist.

“Dr. Marcus Bachmann buys Brawny paper towels for the packaging,” Seinfeld jokes. “He's so gay, Richard Simmons tells him to 'tone it down.'”

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