Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann in 2004 warned against the threat of gay marriage by comparing it to Pearl Harbor.

Bachmann and her husband, Marcus, have in recent weeks made headlines with their anti-gay views. Details of an undercover investigation this week revealed Mr. Bachmann's government-subsidized clinics in Minnesota seek to cure gay people through “reparative” therapy.

Michele Bachmann has mostly kept quiet about her views on homosexuality since officially entering the crowded GOP race for the 2012 presidential nomination. On Thursday, however, she became the first candidate to sign a Christian conservative group's pledge in which she vowed to “vigorously” oppose gay marriage. Footnotes to the two-page document suggest that being gay is a choice and may have a negative impact on public health.

And in 2004, then-Minnesota State Senator Michele Bachmann sponsored a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. Her measure didn't clear the Minnesota Legislature, but she recently praised lawmakers who approved a similar amendment this session.

In an urgent appeal to supporters first published at the gay activism website GoodAsYou.org, Bachmann compared gay marriage to Pearl Harbor.

Recalling the events of December 7, 1941, Bachmann told supporters not to repeat the mistakes of military commanders who ignored the warnings of sailor Orville Ethier.

“You are a type of Orville Ethier – a patriot looking to secure American freedoms,” she wrote. “The question is, will the Senators of Minnesota act like the Honolulu military headquarters and ignore your message?”

“Today we face perhaps the greatest attack on the family in our lifetime. Now is OUR time to stand up and send a message to avert an equally impending disaster.”