Presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty listed Lady Gaga's gay anthem Born This Way as among his favorite tracks from the singer, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The 50-year-old former governor of Minnesota made his comments during the first of a three-day campaign tour in Iowa.

Speaking at a fundraiser for the Story County GOP at Hickory's Hall restaurant, he took a veiled swipe at GOP rival Representative Michele Bachmann, saying accomplishments matter more than rhetoric.

“So the interesting question I think for you, the Iowa Republicans and conservatives, is not are the candidates saying many or all of the same things. I think the question for you is have they actually done it. Is this a person who has the leadership and experience of being a CEO of a large public enterprise in a tough environment, and not only given speeches and offering failed amendments, but have they led it to conclusions that get results?”

In 2004, then-Minnesota State Senator Bachmann sponsored a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage. Her measure didn't clear the Minnesota Legislature, but she recently praised lawmakers who approved a similar amendment this session.

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Afterward, Pawlenty described Lady Gaga to reporters as “interesting, talented, kinda weird,” adding that the singer's tracks Bad Romance and Born This Way were among his favorites.