Singer Lance Bass is getting hitched and 'NSYNC band mate Justin Timberlake will serve as best man, declared the National Enquirer this week. Problem is Bass has already denied he's in a relationship with Lorenzo Martone, designer Marc Jacobs' on-again off-again boyfriend.

The 32-year-old Bass came out gay in a 2006 cover story for PEOPLE magazine.

According to the National Enquirer, Bass and Martone are set to marry this summer in New York and Bass has “locked his dear friend Justin” into the wedding.

“Not only did Justin enthusiastically agree [to be best man], but he also offered to be the godfather to the baby Lance and Lorenzo want to adopt,” the tabloid quoted an unnamed source.

The story can be traced back to a June 24 PEOPLE piece the singer has already denied.

“A while back, Lance Bass told PEOPLE that he surprised his guy, Lorenzo Martone, with a plane ticket to the island paradise in the Mediterranean [Ibiza].”

“Fast-forward to summer 2011, and Bass's swoon-worthy antics are in full force, making him the best boyfriend this side of the equator.”

In a tweet to his more than 120,000 followers, Bass denied ever romancing Martone.

“Dont know where they got that nonsense – I am a hopeless romantic, but never took a Lorenzo to Ibiza nor was he a boyfriend,” he messaged.