Rhode Island House Speaker Gordon Fox refuses to say whether he'll enter a civil union, The Providence Journal reported.

Fox and his long-time partner Marcus LaFond have yet to announce whether they will tie the knot under the civil unions legislation signed into law on Saturday by Governor Lincoln Chafee.

As of Tuesday, clerk's offices throughout the state had reported few applicants.

Aaron Coutu and Ray Daignault were the first to apply for a civil union license in the town of Burrillville.

“It is not everything that we could have wanted, but it is a start,” Couto told the paper.

The couple, together 13 years, added that they had resisted marrying in nearby Massachusetts or Connecticut, because “we'd just bring it back and it would have no value.”

Lawmakers shifted from supporting a gay marriage law to civil unions after it became clear a marriage bill would not clear the Republican-controlled Senate. An amendment added in the House by Rep. Arthur J. Corvese which exempts religious organizations from the requirement that they treat gay couples in a civil union as they would any other married couple led gay rights groups to call on the governor to veto the measure.

Fox, who backs marriage equality, stirred controversy when he dropped support for the marriage bill in favor of civil unions.

When asked if the lawmaker would be entering a civil union, House spokesman Larry Berman replied via email, “That's a private matter.”