Dominican singer Rita Indiana says she is happy to see New York legalize gay marriage but adds it's a modest joy.

Indiana, the lead vocalist of alternative merengue band Rita Indiana y Los Misterios (Rita Indiana and the mysterious boys), is in New York for five electric shows in four days.

“It is a modest source of joy,” Indiana told The New York Daily News. “Because achievements that affect only one state don't apply to the whole country, or to people like me who are not Americans.”

The six-foot-plus singer came out gay last year, just days before winning a Casandra Award.

When asked if she has a current partner, Indiana answered: “I'm pretty stable. I have a partner whom I love a lot. In fact, she is the director of the video of La Hora de Volve. She is my partner and we work together on a lot of different projects.” (The video for La Hora de Volve is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

For the record, Noella Quintero is the director of that video.

In comments to the Spanish press this week, Indiana said he believed New York's law opened the door for universal marriage equality.

“I think that gay marriage is something that will happen soon at the universal level,” she told “We are human beings and deserve the same rights as anyone else, to join with our partners, and to be able visit in the hospital when they are sick; deciding things for them.”

Indiana starts her four-day run Thursday night at the Gabbana club in Queens.