New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is preparing a campaign to promote his city as a gay wedding destination.

The city's marketing office, NYC & Company, has already released portions of its upcoming NYC I Do campaign. Helpful advice on who can marry in New York City and how soon is posted at the city's website.

Kimberly Spell, spokeswoman for NYC & Company, said the campaign “will create millions of dollars in additional economic impact to the city's $31 billion tourism industry."

The agency “is working to create a multichannel, global communications and marketing campaign – NYC I Do – to promote the vibrancy and attractiveness of the five boroughs as a gay weddings destination,” she said.

A study conducted two years ago when lawmakers were considering legalizing marriage for gay couples from then-city Controller William Thompson predicted $149 million in city coffers within three years.

But a more recent report released by the Independent Democratic Conference, a group of four New York Senators led by Senator Jeff Klein, put the figure closer to $400 million.

Gay and lesbian couples can begin marrying in the Empire State on July 25.

“I just don't know that everyone is going to rush to New York the first day given there are alternatives,” Bloomberg told the New York Daily News. “But we will be ready. Will there be lines the first day? Yes. Get ready for it. Get used to it. It's a lot better than no lines.”