UK rugby star Ben Cohen endorsed gay marriage before participating in London Gay Pride.

Roughly a million people were expected to join in Saturday's annual parade.

Cohen, who retired from the sport earlier this year to concentrate on running his anti-homophobia group, the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation, told gay weekly Pink Paper that gay marriage in New York “is going to do wonders.”

“It's nice to be in love with someone and, of course, you want to have that extra bond of being married and not perceived to be different,” Cohen told the paper. “And that because you're gay you can't experience being married is wrong. For me being married is very important.”

Cohen is married to Abbie, and the couple has 2 children.

The 32-year-old Cohen added that the UK, which recognizes gay and lesbian couples with civil partnerships, should follow New York's lead.

“This is my first Pride and it's something I've been looking forward to,” he said. “Everyone has made me feel very welcome and I am delighted to be part of today's event.”