An anti-gay tweet has resulted in the firing of NASCAR crewman Jeremy Fuller.

According to the Sporting News, Fuller tweeted a photo of a gay pride banner on a car at Sunday's Sprint Cup race at Infineon Raceway in San Francisco with the caption, “This is way [why] I don't live here!”

“if we could get rid of them, it'd be a lot better,” a follower responded.

“lol... Don't we all wish!” Fuller messaged without replying to the follower's message.

Fuller, who removed the posts on Monday, was fired by Red Bull Racing and by Turner Motorsports.

“It was a joke between two friends and it cost me both of my jobs,” Fuller said. “I'm not a racist and I do not hate gay people. It wasn't intended to be what [it appeared]. … I didn't write anything about getting rid of them or 'ha ha' or 'laughing out loud.'”

In a statement, Red Bull said Fuller was fired because it “strictly enforces our team policies against any form of discrimination.”

“We have zero tolerance for such violations and in no way support any of the comments posted by this individual,” the racing team said.

NASCAR's rule book forbids members from publicly ridiculing another person based on several favors including sexual orientation.