On Thursday's edition of Countdown (now on Current TV), Keith Olbermann rejected the arguments of gay marriage foes.

The 52-year-old political commentator declared that gay marriage is inevitable the day before New York became the sixth and largest state to approve the institution.

“Every year the margin by which this country supports this grows,” Olbermann told his audience. “And within a decade, or perhaps less, it will be universal in this nation. Period.”

Olbermann also suggested that organized religion is threatened by marriage equality because it diminishes irrational fears of gay people.

“Their church is opposed to same-sex marriage because same-sex marriage means diversity, and diversity means peaceful interactions between members of different groups and religions, and peaceful interactions means fears and prejudices are diminished, and the diminishing means those churches' cartel in the religion business is jeopardized.”

Citing one Albany protester's argument that allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry harms their children, Olbermann said opponents are getting desperate.

“If you want to open up the Pandora’s box of judging whether people should be permitted to marry based on their qualifications to be parents, I'm afraid there are only going to be about 43 weddings per year in this country. Because the list of risks to children created by their parents is nightmarishly long and standing there being all gay around them is probably no higher than number 206,” Olbermann said.

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