A photograph of the Empire State building bathed in rainbow lights is trending on Twitter after passage of a gay marriage bill in New York.

New York became the largest state on Friday to legalize the institution after passage in the Senate, which had rejected similar legislation in 2009. But Governor Andrew Cuomo, a highly popular Democrat, personally lobbied for the legislation, winning over seven previously opposed senators, including four Republicans.

After passage of the measure, Cuomo told supporters that he's proud to be a New Yorker, adding that other progressive states would follow the state's lead.

The photograph of the Empire State building wrapped in the festive rainbow colors that celebrate Gay Pride – red, orange, purple, blue and green – quickly soared in popularity on Twitter on Friday.

But several sources are reporting that New York City's tallest building isn't celebrating passage of marriage equality in the Empire State. Instead, the building is lit for Pride Week. New York City will hold its annual Gay Pride Parade this weekend.