Flanked by Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell and Senator Tom Duane, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Friday after passage of a gay marriage bill that he's never been prouder to be a New Yorker. Duane and O'Donnell carried the measure in their respective chambers.

Shortly after four Republicans joined all but one Democrat in the Senate to approve the measure and make New York the sixth – and most populous – state to legalize gay marriage, the first-term Democratic governor took to the podium in Albany to thank everyone involved in getting the bill approved.

Cuomo suggested passage of marriage equality in New York would have a ripple effect throughout the nation.

“This state, when it is at its finest, is a beacon for social justice. The legacy of this state was that we were the progressive capital of the nation,” he said.

“The gay rights movement was birthed at Stonewall. And what this state said today brings this discussion of marriage equality to a new plane. That's the power and the beauty of New York. The other states look to New York for the progressive direction.”

“New York made a powerful statement not just for the people of New York, but people all across this nation.”

“I'm always proud to be a New Yorker,” he added, “but tonight I'm especially proud to be a New Yorker.” (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)