The New York Assembly on Friday night approved an amendment to a gay marriage bill it signed off on last week.

The Democrat-controlled Assembly heavily favored the amendment with an 82 to 47 vote.

Governor Andrew Cuomo officially introduced his plan to legalize gay marriage in New York last Tuesday and the Assembly approved the measure the following day.

But the bill stalled out in the Senate where 2 GOP senators joined all but 1 Democrat, Ruben Diaz Sr. of the Bronx, in support of the bill, deadlocking the proposed legislation with a 31-31 vote.

Cuomo engaged the Republican caucus to break the logjam. After listening to their concerns, he crafted an amendment that provides greater religious protections.

The Senate leadership on Friday, after more than a week of closed-door meetings on the issue, announced the bill would be coming to the floor for a vote, prompting the Assembly to act before the Senate and approve the amendment.

Earlier in the day, Senator Greg Ball, one of the previously undecided senators, announced he wouldn't be voting in favor of the gay marriage bill after all.

Gay marriage foe Mike Long, the chairman of the New York State Conservative Party, which yields tremendous influence over Republicans in the Empire State, told The Weekly Standard that the measure will pass.

“I know they've got the 32nd vote, and I think they've muscled two more people” to vote for it, Long said.