Openly lesbian Stephanie Miller is coming under fire for suggesting Rush Limbaugh wouldn't back Texas Governor Rick Perry for president if he was gay.

Responding to a piece on how the Perry team would address lingering rumors that he's gay if Perry decided to enter the crowded race for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, Miller joked that “if [Perry] turns out to be gay, Rush won't be friends with him.” After a co-host mocked, “noted homosexual Rick Perry,” Miller shushed him: “we don't know that for sure, POLITICO.”

The mention was enough to catch the ear of conservative media watchdog Newbusters, who accused Miller of spreading the rumor and claimed she was being hypocritical not coming out sooner herself.

“Miller is a liberal radio talker and Perry is a conservative governor,” Newsbusters wrote. “Hence, whatever it takes to demean Perry is justified, even if Miller loses her honor in the process.”

But as Mediaite's Frances Martel points out, Miller made doubly sure to mention that the rumor was just that, a rumor: “Miller goes out of her way to tell POLITICO to hold their horses on this one. To raise the specter of hypocrisy at Miller because she happens to be gay doesn't exactly tackle the key problem [that] arises in even bothering to address these rumors as if they had any impact on Rick Perry as a political figure that has the power to influence millions of American lives.”

“Sure, Miller is as guilty as POLITICO and Newsbusters for polluting the national discussion with the topic – in fact, the only innocent party here on this front is Rush Limbaugh.” (Martel argues that Limbaugh's homophobia needs to be reassessed in light of the fact that he hired openly gay singer Elton John to perform at this wedding.)

We would add that Miller, unlike Perry, has never opposed gay rights.