A Southwest Airlines pilot has been suspended after he accidentally broadcast a four-minute anti-gay rant, USA Today reported.

The pilot, whose name has not been released, accidentally broadcast over the Houston Center air traffic control frequency a cock-pit conversation in which is he is heard complaining to his co-pilot about the lack of “do-able” flight attendants.

“Well, but I had Tucson to Indy all four weeks,” the pilot is heard saying. “And, uh, Chicago crews 11 out of 12. There's 12 flight attendants – individuals – never the same flight attendant twice, 11 f**king over the top f**king ass f**king homosexuals and a granny.”

“11! I mean think of the odds of that. I thought I was in Chicago, which was party land. After that, it was just a continuous stream of gays and grannys and grandes. Well, I don't give a f**k. I hate a hundred percent of their asses.”

“So, six months I went to the bar three times. In six months three times. Once with the granny and the fag, and I wish I hadn't gone. At the very end with two girls, one of them that was part doable.”

At one point, a controller cuts in to say, “We don't need to hear that.” (The audio is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

The Wall Street Journal reported that the FAA chided the pilot's behavior: “The FAA expects a higher level of professionalism from flight crews.”

Gay blog Towleroad.com published a statement from the union representing Southwest flight attendants.

“Calling this broadcast a 'private conversation' cannot dismiss the incident,” wrote TWU Local 556 President Thom McDaniel. “We have instructed our attorneys today to investigate the possibility of filing an EEOC charge with the federal government.”