The View host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Tuesday came to the aid of former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree, who has been criticized for saying that passage of a gay marriage bill in New York would lead to “anarchy.”

Panelist Whoopi Goldberg, a supporter of marriage equality, opened the discussion: “Tyree has been making headlines for coming out strongly against gay marriage, saying it will lead to anarchy in the U.S., and that gay couples shouldn't even be allowed to raise children.”

Hasselbeck, who is married to former Giants player Tim Hasselbeck, dismissed the claims Tyree is acting out of animus toward gay men and lesbians.

“He will always be respected and always was by his teammates, not just for that Super Bowl catch … but for being a man who stands by his convictions in a way that's respectful,” Hasselbeck said.

“I know David Tyree. I know his heart. He has no hate. He loves everyone. He believes everyone's created by God and should be loved as such. And he doesn't have bigotry. He truly is just a man who is not a part-time guy following God.”

Goldberg, however, had a different take, saying: “Let us be real now. To say that people should not be allowed to raise children because they feel or act differently than you do seems slightly not God-like to me.”

“If you do not believe in gay marriage, do not marry a gay person,” Goldberg added to the delight of the audience. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

As of Wednesday, the New York Senate remained deadlocked on the issue.