CNN anchor Don Lemon says he came out to make being gay “normal.”

Lemon is the third openly gay high-profile news personality behind MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and Thomas Roberts. Last month he told The New York Times that he's gay, ahead of his upcoming 264-page memoir titled Transparent, in which he talks about his experience.

The 45-year-old anchor will be in Atlanta's LGBT bookstore Outwrite Books on Wednesday night for a book signing and he told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that response to his announcement has been “99.9 percent” positive.

“I'm lighter and freer,” he said. “It makes me better on air. I'm not trying to hide anything.”

He added that he came out after much trepidation to make being gay “normal.”

“[T]here are so few people who are out in broadcast news journalism. And if you break it out to African Americans, it's even fewer. I don't even know any.”

“I write about it in the book matter of factly. It's important to do that. For that, it doesn't have to be an announcement. The more people come out, we should celebrate it. It makes it normal. I want it to be normal.”

What Lemon isn't talking about is his love life. Earlier, he told media website that he's in a 4-year relationship but added that “this is about me at the moment.”