New York State Senator Greg Ball has turned to social media for advice on a gay marriage bill.

Ball is one of several GOP senators who say they remain undecided on Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to make New York the sixth – and most populous – state to legalize gay marriage.

On Friday, the freshman senator turned to his more than 2,000 Twitter followers and 5,000 Facebook friends to ask, “Opening up the discussion! So, if you were me, how would you vote on gay marriage? Yes or No?”

“I thought it was better than sending Weiner-like photos,” Ball told, referring to Rep. Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal. “I'd done it in the past. I reached out on Facebook and Twitter and asked for input on many issues. It's a good way to get feedback.”

Ball told New York Observer's Azi Paybarah that response on Twitter was overwhelmingly in favor of the marriage bill. Facebook users were nearly evenly divided, Ball told POLITICO.

Ball has said he will vote against the bill unless greater religious protections are added.