An expected Monday vote on a deadlocked gay marriage bill in the New York Senate was pushed back to Wednesday at the earliest.

Two unnamed GOP state Senators told the Associated Press that the no decision was made during a three-hour closed-door meeting on whether to bring the gay marriage bill to the floor for a vote.

While Monday was the legislative session's scheduled final day, Governor Andrew Cuomo wants lawmakers to remain in session until they have extended the city's rent control laws.

Cuomo, who is personally shepherding the marriage measure, met with several undecided GOP senators last week and emerged from meetings saying he believes their religious concerns can be addressed, adding that he's confident New York will become the sixth – and most populous – state to legalize the institution.

The Assembly approved the bill last week, but the Senate remains evenly divided with 2 Republicans joining all but 1 Democrat, Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. of the Bronx, in supporting marriage equality.

Crowds of proponents and opponents greeted lawmakers at the Capitol on Monday.

Diaz, who is also a Pentecostal minister, told NY1 that he was encouraged by the vocal opposition: “That shows that this is not me alone. There are lots of people in the State of New York that are against gay marriage. And the legislators have told the Senate, people are saying, 'Reverend Diaz, Reverend Diaz.' This is not Reverend Diaz's issue, this is the people's issue.”

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