Actor Freddie Smith will go from playing gay in the CW teen drama 90210 to playing gay in the NBC daytime soap Days of our Lives.

Smith's gay character Sonny arrives in Salem on Thursday, June 23, Entertainment Weekly reported.

The gay storyline is a first for the longtime soap.

Smith's Marco was introduced as a romantic interest to Trevor Donovan's all American Teddy on 90210 during the second half of the show's third season. But Donovan will not return to West Beverly Hills High next year as a regular, which most likely means the end of Smith's Marco.

Smith described his new character as outgoing and worldly: “He is the center of attention kind of guy but in a good way. He's very confident and mature, he's traveled the world and is very open-minded. I'm very excited to portray him.”

And he says he's excited to play the soap's first gay character.

“I truly care about the whole thing,” he said. “There's been a lot of controversy about this and for me to be able to [be] a part of it, to be able to change people and make a difference … I'm really excited to play a character with that much pull.”

But will Sonny get a boyfriend? “We all make jokes, 'Who am I going to make out with first?' It's going to be fun to see.”