Pop singer Lady Gaga on Thursday rallied her 11 million Twitter army of followers to fight for a gay marriage bill in New York.

“Attention Little Monsters URGENT,” she messaged with a link to a Human Rights Campaign (HRC) page urging proponents to voice their support for the legislation. “Call your senators, and help legalize Gay Marriage in NY TODAY. Justice.”

Moments later she tweeted the link a second time: “[E]nter your Zip Code and phone #, the HRC will connect you. Ask to Vote Yes for the Marriage Equality Act.”

On Wednesday and again on Thursday, GOP leaders in the New York Senate debated whether to bring the marriage equality bill to the floor for a vote. As the bill teetered between passage and rejection with the chamber evenly divided, Lady Gaga once again targeted undecided Republican Senator Mark Grisanti.

Four months ago during a tour stop in Buffalo, the singer urged her fans to reach out to Grisanti, a Republican who has previously opposed gay marriage.

“NY Monsters call 202.684.2471 Ask for Mark Grisanti,” she tweeted. “Ask to Vote Yes for the Marriage Equality Act. Call+leave a message for him. Be brave.”

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