As GOP leaders in the New York Senate consider whether to bring a gay marriage bill to the floor for a vote, readers may remember singer Lady Gaga targeted one of the undecided Republicans who will decide the fate of the bill nearly four months ago.

During a March tour stop in Buffalo, the Born this Way singer urged her fans to reach out to Senator Mark Grisanti, a Republican who has previously opposed gay marriage.

“There's a senator here in Buffalo that's on the fence about whether or not to vote for this particular bill and I would like to give you all his e-mail,” Lady Gaga told the crowd. “His name is Senator Mark Grisanti.”

Lady Gaga offered a similar sentiment on Facebook: “Buffalo, we need SEN. GRISANTI to help pass NY STATE MARRIAGE BILL e-mail #IwasBornThisWay.”

In 2008, Grisanti told constituents, “I am unalterably opposed to gay marriage.”

Doug Curella, chief of staff and spokesman for Grisanti, responded in a statement.

“Lady Gaga is a terrific world renowned performer, entitled to her opinion. That is why our country is so great because you have the opportunity to have your voice be heard, and reach out to your local representatives.”

“But Senator Grisanti has already reached out to the local chapter of Marriage Equality New York, and is meeting with them next week.”

“Additionally, I have personally met with Outspoken for Equality in Albany, and we had a very informative and constructive conversation. We look forward to learning more about their issues and concerns with regards to Same-Sex Marriage.”