Three Mets say they are ready to star in an It Gets Better video if the baseball team decides to produce one.

General manager Sandy Alderson, outfielder Jason Bay and pitcher R.A. Dickey told the New York Daily News that they would welcome the opportunity to star in such a video.

The It Gets Better Project encourages gay teens to not cave in to bullies, because life eventually gets better. The video campaign is helmed by gay activist and Seattle alternative The Stranger editor Dan Savage.

“Yeah, I would certainly do that,” Bay told the paper. “I would be glad to.”

Three weeks ago, the San Francisco Giants became the first MLB team to complete a video for the campaign. Days later, the Chicago Cubs announced they'll record their own video. Two more MLB teams, the Boston Red Sox and the Seattle Mariners, followed suit.

“It is not my decision, but I certainly would support it,” Alderson said. “It is a worthy issue.”

A team official, however, nixed the idea, saying the Mets wanted to address the issue in a more general way.

“We had already been looking around trying to find an organization to partner with on the bullying issue,” the unnamed official said. “We are interested in inclusiveness. If you target one specific subset, what about the other groups that are bullied?”