In an interview with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, comedian Tracy Morgan said his anti-gay jokes were indefensible.

In a routine delivered last weekend in Nashville, Morgan, the star of NBC's 30 Rock, condoned anti-gay bullying and said he would stab his son to death if he found out he was gay.

Morgan apologized for his comedy set on Friday, but gay rights groups said they hoped he would do more. On Monday, he agreed to meet with troubled LGBT youth from the Ali Forney Center in New York City and committed to participate in GLAAD's upcoming Amplify Your Voice video campaign to combat anti-LGBT bullying.

Morgan's interview with Simmons, a strong gay rights ally, was published on the site

“Of all the sicknesses, there is probably none more abusive than homophobia,” Morgan said. “My heart is committed to giving everyone the same rights that I deserve for myself. I don't care if you love the same sex as long as you have the ability to love someone. Also, you should have the right no matter who you are to protect and serve our country. I am deeply sorry for the comments I made. What I am most sad about is the comments I made about kids and bullying. I would never want any young person to think that I wasn't on their side and if any young person thinks they can bully a young gay kid, come see me at 30 Rock.”

The 42-year-old actor added: “I believe everyone deserves the right to be happy and marry who they want to; gay, white, black, male or female. Let me know where the rally's at Russ. I'm there!”

Several openly gay celebrities, including George Takei, Cheyenne Jackson and Wanda Sykes, had harshly criticized Morgan. However, fellow comic Chris Rock came to Morgan's defense, suggesting he had a right to say outrageous things.