Conservative celebrity Ann Coulter has changed her tune about answering how she would feel if she had a gay or lesbian child.

During Tuesday's edition of CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, Coulter repeatedly dodged Morgan's questions about her private life, saying, “I don't answer questions about myself.”

“If you had a daughter or son who came to you and said they were gay, how would you feel?” Morgan asked.

“How would you react?” Coulter asked.

“I would be fine with it,” Morgan answered.

“I can't imagine being married,” Coulter replied before the conversation detoured in a new direction.

But talking to Fox News' Sean Hannity, Coulter eagerly answered the question. When Hannity mocked the question, calling it “stupid,” Coulter volunteered a response.

“You know, I should have answered it,” Coulter said. “I just didn't want to answer any of those questions.”

“I mean, obviously, I'd tell him he's adopted,” she said.

“There you go. Now you're going to get into more trouble,” Hannity said.

“How's asking him for help redecorating the dining room?” Coulter added. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Earlier this year, Coulter proudly took credit for talking gay GOP group GOProud out of supporting gay marriage.