Pop singer Lady Gaga has been warned against making provocative statements against Pope Benedict or the Catholic Church at this weekend's giant Gay Pride event EuroPride 2011 taking place in Rome.

Organizers said they expect roughly one million revelers to attend the annual parade, a huge-turn out for the traveling party that attracted a meager crowd of 8,000 last year in Warsaw, Poland, where anti-gay sentiment remains high.

Among Western European countries, Italy is a dawdler in terms of gay rights, offering neither civil partnerships nor marriage for gay and lesbian couples, as most countries have.

Several conservative lawmakers have warned the Born This Way singer – a strong proponent of gay rights – against making provocative statements when she takes the stage on Saturday at the city's Circus Maximus at 9PM.

“The gay world does not feel represented by someone who makes videos that offend Jesus,” Rocco Buttiglione, the deputy speaker of parliament, told the UK's Daily Telegraph.

“If Lady Gaga attacks the Holy Father or the Catholic Church millions of gay moderates will not recognize themselves in those comments,” he added.

“Maybe she is badly informed about our country since all the opinion polls prove that an overwhelming majority of Italians are against marriage between a man and a man and a woman and a woman,” said Carlo Giovanardi, a junior minister for family policy.

Pope Benedict is a vocal opponent of marriage equality. In March, the Vatican condemned a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution that called on countries “to take steps to end acts of violence, criminal sanctions and related human rights violations committed against individuals because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”