Former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan and his fiancee Nicole Murphy have joined the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) New Yorkers for Marriage Equality Campaign.

“As a defensive end for the New York Giants, I always played the game tough but fair,” Strahan says in the 30-second video released Friday. “And I feel it's unfair to stop committed couples from getting married.”

“Please join us and support marriage equality for all New Yorkers,” Murphy says.

“We believe everyone should have the right to get married,” the 39-year-old Strahan says.

“Just as we do,” Murphy adds as the pair beam at each other. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)

Strahan joins hockey player Sean Avery and basketball player Steve Nash as the third professional athlete to endorse, by recording a video, Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan to make New York the sixth state to legalize gay marriage.

“I have plenty of gay friends, and I don't judge them,” Strahan told The New York Times. “I want them to have all the same rights I have, and all the opportunities I have to be in a relationship, a great relationship, with the person that they're in love with.”

A third poll released Friday found a majority (57%) of New Yorkers in support of marriage equality.

But while support is at an all-time high, the likelihood of passage this year is quickly fading with less than 2 weeks left in the legislative session.