The Seattle Mariners on Thursday announced they would become the fourth MLB team to record an It Gets Better video, USA Today reported.

The moves comes less than a week after the Boston Red Sox agreed – at the prompting of 12-year-old Sam Maden – to join the campaign.

The It Gets Better Project encourages gay teens to not cave in to bullies, because life eventually gets better. The video campaign is helmed by gay activist and Seattle alternative The Stranger editor Dan Savage.

Two weeks ago, the San Francisco Giants became the first MLB team to complete a video for the campaign. Days later, the Chicago Cubs announced they'll record their own video.

Unlike the Red Sox, who gave Maden's petition credit for the idea, the Mariners said they had been working on the project since the Giants debuted their video and were not influenced by a petition begun by 22-year-old Army veteran Eric Williams, who is gay.

“I had nobody, there were no gay people in my area,” Williams said of growing up in Missouri. “Seeing this project that puts big names and regular faces out there and tells kids that it does get better is such an awesome thing.”

Writing at the It Gets Better blog, Savage said that he's thrilled by the attention MLB teams are bringing to the project, but added that the “most important IGB videos are still the ones created by average, everyday, ordinary LGBT adults.”