Churches around the world continue to clash over gay rights and marriage.  The Catholic church continues to mount pressure on the Spanish government to repeal liberal reforms passed in 2005, including gay marriage.  Yet, anti-Catholic student demonstrations in Rome this week indicate that the Vatican should be as concerned with Italy as Spain.   Anglicans have been in turmoil since openly gay Rev. Gene Robinson was consecrated as Bishop in the US.  This week anti-gay conservatives in the church are preparing to summit in Jerusalem possibly heralding a schism in the Anglican church over gay consecrations and unions.

I'm going to drop-in on you from a tree top and plant a wet kiss on your lips or gut punch you.  Keep reading to find out which.

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee is one slick politician.  He won over conservative Iowa with his down-home character and lots of fire and brimstone.  Landing in New Hampshire he quickly toned down his Bible rhetoric to match more liberal views there.  For the South Carolina primaries it seems the preacher is back.   In an attempt to win over Evangelical voters in SC, Huckabee went so far as to link gay marriage to bestiality.   His views do not fly when contrasted with what is happening around the world: In Berlin the government sanctions a gay nursing home and the Communist Party in Cuba is considering granting legal recognition to gay unions.   Both these governments have a history of persecuting GLBT people, yet somehow both have more respect for equality than a United States presidential candidate.  How subprime is that?  

A major drawback of this job is the relentless flash of the paparazzi -- someone could get hurt during the obsessive chase for the perfect photo of me.  Right, Britney?

OTM QPeep, film reviewer, phrase maker, and single guy Slim was recently interviewed for an unrelated film project (Rapture).  When the interviewer asked him if he was married Slim answered no.  The reviewer then replied, "You're not one 'em gay guys, are you?"  Slim gave an innocent-you-got-me look, raised his hands palms upward, and shrugged his shoulders.  The reviewer then said, "That's OK, my son is gay"; leaving Slim speechless.

Here's Rosie taking a bath!

In the arrested/convicted column we have: Kiefer Sutherland set for release from jail in LA on Monday, Gary Collins released from LA jail, and Amy Winehouse cries "I Love You" to jailed husband in London.

The fabulous Chick-Fil-A© cow Spicy Skirtsteak wishes everyone would eat more chicken wings.  In an exclusive OTM interview she said, "Eat mor chikin.  Spisee chikin, if u like, or fried chikin with barbetchup."  The Red Robin© chicken immediately protested saying, "Don't buy that down-home act, that tart wants eaten!"

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