A new poll released Thursday found Wisconsin voters narrowly oppose the legalization of gay marriage.

The Public Policy Polling survey found 46 percent of respondents opposed to the institution, 42 percent in favor, and 12 percent not sure.

A majority (58%) of voters under the age of 30 say gay and lesbian couples should be allowed to marry, while a majority (55%) of those older than 65 remain opposed.

Gender also played a factor in the poll's results, with 49 percent of women in support of legal gay marriage and 55 percent of men opposed.

The survey, however, shows support for the institution has gained ground since 2006, when voters approved a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and civil unions by 19 points.

Voters also gave high marks to retiring Democratic Senator Herb Kohl, who received a strong 56 percent approval rating.

Openly lesbian Representative Tammy Baldwin is among a handful of lawmakers considering a run for Kohl's seat. Sources close to Baldwin have said she is “very likely” to run for the seat. Wisconsin state Representative Mark Pocan, who is openly gay, has said he's considering running for Baldwin's congressional seat, should she choose to run for the Senate.