Controversial youth pastor Bradlee Dean has claimed he's being attacked by media pushing an “illegal gay agenda.”

Dean last month threw the Minnesota House in disarray, delaying an expected vote on a constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage in the state, when he delivered the chamber's opening prayer. Dean, who helms the ministry You Can Run But You Can't Hide International and hosts the nationally syndicated radio show The Sons of Liberty, suggested President Barack Obama and Democrats are not Christians in his prayer.

The House approved the amendment the following day, sending it to voters for their okay in 2012.

In a blog post titled Gay Marriage: My position, you win, I rest my case, Dean claims sodomy is illegal and reiterates that gay people are criminals. (The Supreme Court struck down such laws in 2003.)

“When doing high schools across the country we noticed that when the media began to push an illegal agenda called the gay agenda (sodomy is illegal in this country) we started getting attacked from the media,” the unconventional pastor with ties to Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann wrote.

“The radical homosexuals want to re-educate America by teaching people of all ages to hate the laws that expose their crimes. So the next time you hear 'hate crimes,' remember that is the criminal who hates the law.”

Dean goes on to take credit for lawmakers' passage of the gay marriage ban amendment.

“My objective has always been to seek and save that which was lost – homosexual or not.”

“I believe I have done my duty,” he added. “The people of the great state of Minnesota now have the power to vote. It is now up to you to decide for your posterity what kind of future that you want to have for them. The power is in your hands. I rest my case.”