A group of gay Democrats has asked Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall to stop lying about LGBT people.

In response to Marshall's condemnation of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's decision to fly a rainbow flag that recognizes Gay Pride month, a coalition of gay Democrats, the LGBT Democrats of Virginia, has called on the Republican to stop attacking the gay community.

While conceding that the bank is a private financial institution, Christian conservatives claimed bank leaders were merely following the Obama administration's lead when they decided to fly the flag underneath the American flag.

Marshall, who has a long history of anti-gay rhetoric, responded with a strongly worded letter to bank president Jeff Lacker.

“A flagpole in front of a federal building is not a commercial or political message board,” Marshall wrote.

“Moreover, the homosexual behavior 'celebrated' by your Richmond's Federal Reserve Bank spokeswoman undermines the American economy, is a class six felony in Virginia, shortens lives, adds significantly to illness, increases health costs, promotes venereal disease, and worsens the population imbalance relating to the number of workers supporting the beneficiaries of America's Social Security and Medicare Programs.”

“Mr. Lacke, take down that flag!” he concludes.

In their letter, the gay Democrats argued Marshall is perpetuating anti-gay falsehoods.

“We contend that there is no difference in the lifespan or health of responsible members of the LGBT community when compared to responsible heterosexuals, and that such language as you have used to support your opposition to the flying of the rainbow flag is inflammatory, intolerant and deceptive. Moreover, your claim of moral superiority seems to blind you to the intolerance you have expressed.”

“Delegate Marshall, we call on you to stop perpetuating ignorance and falsehoods. It's time to stop lying to the people of Virginia.”

Marshall made headlines last year when he introduced legislation that would ban gay and bisexual troops from serving openly in the state's National Guard after repeal of “Don't Ask, Don't Tell.”