The Daily Beast contributor Andrew Sullivan has warned against the idolization of President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton for their contributions to the gay rights movement.

Sullivan married his partner Aaron Tone in Provincetown, Massachusetts in 2007.

Seconds after scolding Democratic politicians who don't embrace gay rights despite the LGBT community's financial support – “If we think we're going to get this through paying these Democratic Party mockers, you know, all this money, like the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) or other groups do, we're crazy” – in a Big Think video titled Andrew Sullivan: It Gets Better – But Not Through Politics, Sullivan warns, “This worshiping of Obama or of Clinton or of these Democratic figures for me is really kind of a sad artifact of the gay need still to feel worthy.”

Instead, the 47-year-old British-born Sullivan argues being out and social media will win equality.

“[Society] will have to adjust to us, because it will seem absurd not to,” Sullivan says.

“If you change the society and the culture, the politics will follow. And that's why this kind of thing It Gets Better is fantastic. That's why all the social media has been fantastic.”

“I've always believed in a way that if every gay person really did come out, it would be over,” Sullivan concludes. (The video is embedded in the right panel of this page.)