Christian groups are upset over the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's decision to fly a rainbow flag in recognition of Gay Pride month.

The flag has riled The Family Foundation, whose new office overlooks the company's plaza where the flag is waving underneath the American flag.

“We think the Federal Reserve ought to be focused on the economy rather than focusing on special rights,” Victoria Cobb, the group's president, told One News Now.

The website reported that the Mississippi-based Christian conservative group American Family Association has received a complaint about the flag from an employee: “For the past five or six years, the homosexual agenda has been pushed down our throats. [The bank president and vice president] have initiated this agenda. This offends me as a Christian.”

While noting that the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond is a private financial institution, Cobb said that it's following the “nation's leadership in promoting a lifestyle that involves less than two percent of the population.”

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama declared June Gay Pride month. The following day, the White House launched a website dedicated to the administration’s support for gay rights.

Cobb pointed to Virginia's voter-approved constitutional ban on gay marriage as evidence that most residents oppose gay rights: “In Virginia, this is not a stand that should be taken. We've as a state said we are not going to support gay marriage, for example, in our constitution, and we've been very clear on issues of gay rights. So it's disappointing to see such a large flag flying, as if it's something this commonwealth supports.”

Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond CEO Sally Green told that the organization is “flying the Pride flag as an example of our commitment to values of acceptance and inclusion.”