A new poll released Wednesday finds Minnesotans nearly evenly divided on a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

The Public Policy Polling survey found 46 percent of respondents in favor of the amendment, 47 percent opposed, and 7 percent undecided.

“Voters in the state are about as evenly divided as they could be on gay marriage,” Tom Jensen said in a post announcing the poll's results. “As usual the generational divide on the issue is staggering – seniors support a ban by a 57/34 margin while every other age group opposes it.”

A large majority of respondents (72%) said the relationships of gay and lesbian couples should be given legal recognition (38% marriage, 34% civil unions).

It is the second poll to gauge Minnesota voter's opinions since lawmakers approved the amendment last week, sending it to voters for their approval in 2012.

“There aren't a lot of policy issues I would say this about but public opinion on gay marriage is shifting so quickly that it wouldn't surprise me if opposition to this amendment grows by 5 or 6 points in the 17 months between now and next November's election.”

A SurveyUSA poll released earlier in the week and commissioned by the Minneapolis-St. Paul ABC affiliate KSTP found 51 percent of respondents in favor of the amendment, 40 percent opposed, and 8 percent uncertain.

“This is a significant change from our last poll in March when 62% favored the amendment banning gay marriage and 33% were opposed,” the polling group said in announcing its findings.

Supporters of the amendment have suggested the polls are being rigged.