Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, has called for the repeal of Illinois' civil unions law on Wednesday, the first day the law takes effect.

“Homosexual behavior is always wrong, according to vast scope of Judeo-Christian history, so it is tragic to behold the State of Illinois – or any government entity – recognizing immoral same-sex relationships and treating them like marriage,” LaBarbera said.

Couples began lining up for licenses at county clerks' offices on Wednesday, but a one-day waiting period makes Thursday the first day couples can tie the knot. Governor Pat Quinn and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will attend a Thursday event at Chicago's downtown Millennium Park celebrating the civil unions of 30 gay and lesbian couples.

“Moreover, for the City of Chicago and Gov. Pat Quinn to celebrate homosexuality with a mass Civil Union ceremony June 2nd is an act of hubris and defiance toward the Creator that mocks His wonderful plan for real marriage – the sacred union of a man and a woman to produce children and family,” LaBarbera said.

“The anti-Christian Civil Unions law must be repealed.”

LaBarbera noted that Catholic Charities of Rockford has ended its state-funded foster and adoption services in order to avoid the possibility of being forced into placing a child with a couple in a civil union. He called the development “proof” that “homosexuality-based 'rights' and religious freedom cannot co-exist.”

The law “will drive out the free expression of religion and morality, which must include the right to oppose sexual behavior historically regarded as disordered and sinful,” he said.