Equality Maryland, the state's largest gay rights group, might close up shop at the end of June.

Gay weeklies Metro Weekly and the Washington Blade are reporting that the group is in the red.

Interim director Lynne Bowman, who took over the helm after former Executive Director Morgan Meneses-Sheets' firing last month, told the Blade that she's back in Ohio and is unsure when she will return to Maryland, but added that she hasn't resigned.

Board President Charles Butler put it bluntly in comments to Metro Weekly, explaining that the group needed to raise $20,000 to $25,000 to cover operating expenses, and blamed Meneses-Sheeets for the group's financial crisis, claims the former executive has denied.

“Butler also placed blame for some measure of the organization's fiscal woes on former Executive Director Morgan Meneses-Sheets, pointing to ongoing 'financial commitments' made by her without board knowledge,” the paper reported. “He declined to elaborate the exact nature of those commitments.”

Meneses-Sheets asserted that the treasurer of the board signed off on all of the group's contracts.

“When I came in, in 2009, the organization was in the red,” she said. “I rebuilt that organization. We had no volunteer program. We had no field program. Our donors did not trust us. … We were in the red. I rebuilt the organization. And the thanks that I got was that when they needed a political scapegoat, there I went.”

The beleaguered group's troubles began soon after the Legislature rejected two high-profile gay rights bills backed by Equality Maryland. A gay marriage bill died in the House in March. And the Senate rejected a measure that would have banned discrimination against transgender people in the areas of housing and employment.