Jane Lynch, who won an Emmy Award last year for her portrayal of sharp-tongued coach Sue Sylvester on the Fox musical-comedy Glee, has all but confirmed she's set to host the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards.

When asked by The Wall Street Journal, “Is it true you will host the Emmys?” Lynch responded, “I think so. [Big wink.] That's between you and I and the readers of The Wall Street Journal! It goes no further than that, okay?”

“I did the opening number of the Emmys last year, and I was in awe how Jimmy Fallon conducted himself throughout the show,” she added. “He had so much fun and I'm going to use him as an example.”

The 50-year-old Lynch added that she'll talk about coming out gay in her upcoming 304-page memoir Happy Accidents, which lands on bookshelves on September 13.

“When I figured out I was gay …. [I feared] rejection from my family,” she said. “That kept me from my happiness, and also my critical nature of myself and everybody else. … I wish I didn't have to suffer so much. I wish I wasn't so hard on myself.”