Mindy Cohn's Violet has a unique problem in director-producer Casper Andreas' Violet Tendencies: She's the last fag hag left in Manhattan.

That's the premise behind the third collaboration between Jesse Archer and Andreas. (The other two are Slutty Summer and A Four Letter Word.)

Being the only fag hag in Manhattan proves too much for Violet. The demands are hampering her search for love – most nights found at the end of a telephone chat line – and she decides, at the prompting of co-worker Salome (played by Kim Allen), to give up “the racket.”

“The gays have totally warped your mind,” Salome warns when Violet says she isn't interested in marrying or having children.

Violet's gay pals aren't prepared to lose their friend and they promise to find her the straight male version of herself – the mythical “fag stag.”

Sidebars include co-worker Riley (Sam Whitten) and his live-in boyfriend (Andreas) considering fatherhood, and roommate Luke (Archer), a confessed bed hopper, struggling to get Darian (Adrian Armas) off his mind.

Violet's search for romance and her attempt to kill her inner fag hag spin a tall tale but Cohn's admirable acting, biting one-liners and the film's quick pace turn the feature into a joyride. (A trailer for the movie is embedded in the right panel of this page.)