Columbia University wrestling coach Hudson Taylor recently took his anti-homophobia campaign to Bates College.

The 24-year-old Taylor, who founded the website, is touring college campuses encouraging the athletic community to shun the use of anti-gay slurs and treat all athletes with respect.

In a column published at gay sports website, Taylor talked about his May 12 Bates College visit.

“The event included my kick-off address, a panel discussion entitled Respect for All Individuals and a barbeque on the school quad,” Taylor wrote. “Like the students, coaches and administrators at Marist and Amherst Colleges and the other schools that I’ve recently addressed, the Bates community was thrilled to cultivate and empower its allies. Hundreds of student-athletes signed the Athlete Ally Pledge, adding to the hundreds of Bates students who had already signed our Pledge. I was also very inspired by the program’s panel presenters. I enjoyed feeling part of the campus and witnessing the community unify for this cause. I was able to wear a Bates t-shirt to better join in the camaraderie – also a great souvenir.”

Taylor is among the handful of openly straight sports celebrities speaking out on the issue.