Being openly straight apparently hasn't ruined the fantasy for gay men who voted Darren Criss their #1 hottie.

The 24-year-old Criss came out of nowhere to top gay male entertainment website's annual The Hot 100 poll.

Criss, who didn't so much as place on last year's survey, plays out-and-proud Dalton Academy Warblers lead vocalist Blaine Anderson on the Fox musical-comedy hit Glee.

“Given the popularity of Glee, his making The AfterElton Hot 100 was probably a given, but even we didn't expect him to rocket to the number one spot, the first time a newcomer has debuted at the very top,” the website wrote in announcing the results.

Aside from Criss and actor Jensen Ackles (Supernatural), the remaining top 10 slots are occupied by openly gay or rumored-to-be gay men.

Rocker Adam Lambert is the list's runner up, while Chris Colfer, who plays Criss' love interest on Glee, is third.

Here are the top ten men from the list: actor Darren Criss, singer Adam Lambert, actor Chris Colfer, actor Neil Patrick Harris, actor John Barrowman, actor Luke MacFarlane, actor Jonathan Groff, actor Jensen Ackles, journalist Anderson Cooper and singer Ricky Martin.