Is state Senator James Alesi's appearance at a gay marriage fundraiser the crack in the New York Senate Republican caucus that supporters have been wishing for?

The New York Post is reporting that the Republican put in an appearance at the Empire State Pride Agenda's Saturday fundraiser at the Rochester Convention Center.

“Having Alesi there was seen as an important development since the dinner was all about marriage equality,” a source told the paper.

An AP story released over the weekend quotes sources inside the Senate Republican conference saying they've seen no change in votes since a 2009 gay marriage bill was defeated in the chamber. That effort died in the Senate with no Republican support.

Alesi, however, remained mum on whether he's changed his stance on the issue, saying only that his first-GOP vote (votes are taken alphabetically) would affect how other Republican senators voted.

“My vote is probably the most significant vote on the issue, because how I vote will send a message down the line,” he told the paper.

A second Republican, Senator Andrew Lanza of Staten Island, last week said he was reconsidering his position.

“I'm listening. I am entertaining all those points of view that are out there. I'm trying to discern why or whether we should make a move from what is the status quo,” said Lanza.