New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday ostensibly responded to critics that he's not doing enough to make the Empire State the sixth state to legalize gay marriage.

At a Lake Placid stop on his People First Tour, Cuomo fought back against accusations by gay group Queer Rising and the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club in New York that he's pandering to the gay community.

“Cuomo's support for marriage equality is appearing more to be a political stunt than an act of commitment to do the right thing,” Queer Rising's Natasha Dillon said. “The governor has not done the lobbying necessary to change votes. He had misled New Yorkers into believing that passage of marriage equality was going to happen this year and now is backtracking.”

“It is a critical issue,” Cuomo said on Wednesday.

“It's an issue where the people of this state have evolved on this issue. The majority of the people of the state now support marriage equality. That was not true just a few years ago.”

“We're making progress. I'm doing everything I can. We'll see. We'll keep our fingers crossed. I'm cautiously optimistic.”

Two years ago, a gay marriage bill was defeated in the New York Senate. Many analysts suggested events outside of New York's borders affected the vote, which in turn affected a failed effort in New Jersey. Like then, gay marriage supporters have felt defeat this legislative season. In Minnesota, instead of promoting a gay marriage bill, supporters find themselves fighting off a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage after Republicans gained control of both chambers of the Legislature. Efforts in Maryland and Rhode Island have also been scuttled.

The coalition of gay rights groups leading the fight to legalize the institution in the state came to Cuomo's defense.

“All of us are committed to this legislative strategy which requires persistence, patience, dedication, discipline and most of all unity,” New Yorkers United For Marriage said in a statement. “In this way, we will bring marriage equality to New York State. We thank Governor Cuomo for his leadership and stand together for equality.”

The legislative session ends on June 15.